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San Diego Attorney Scott McMillan Fights Blogger

Darren Chaker writes on a RICO lawsuit where he soundly defeated the case in District Court and on appeal.

Suppression of speech comes in many forms. For example, San Diego attorney Scott McMillan filed a frivolous lawsuit aimed to remove blog posts concerning numerous failures of his in court and publishing a child molestation report he is named in. Scott McMillan La Mesa, California , went to the extent to lie to the court in an effort to ‘judge shop’ his lawsuit to a specific judge he knew would be hostile to a blogger.  Scott McMillan attorney San Diego admitted to lying in federal court where he did not defend allegations he misrepresented information to the court in an effort to get a case before a judge he believed to be more favorable to his efforts to remove embarrassing information from the internet. See motion filed in San Diego federal court.
The federal judge found the lawsuit filed by San Diego attorney Scott McMillan to be meritless and ordered it dismissed. See federal court order. Ultimately Scott McMillan, who also is the dean of his very own law school, McMillan Academy of Law, then filed an identical lawsuit in the San Diego Superior Court asking the court to order numerous blogs removed. The judge denied his request to continue his case and issued a stay in that case, thus decapitating all of McMillan’s desires to start discovery and get a ruling on some of his requests. The sexual molestation report San Diego attorney Scott McMillan is named in is now also in the failed lawsuit he filed in state court, San Diego Superior Court Case No. 37-2017-0036344.
Scott McMillan San Diego attorney , has an office in La Mesa, near San Diego Superior Court. Scott McMillan fought the feds in a lawsuit against the ATF. Scott McMillan La Mesa went to the extent to make what appears to be false statements against federal agent to conduct he did not appear to have witnessed or knew factually. For example in his declaration filed in federal court, Scott McMillan alleges federal agents vandalized his client’s property, however Scott McMillan was not at the property when the search warrant was served. Scott McMillan also alleged federal agents stole thousands of dollars of property, but no criminal charges were brought against the federal agents. See Scott McMillan declaration here.The ATF agent countered Scott McMillan’s apparently fraudulent representations in his own declaration seen as an image below.
In fact, when Scott McMillan sued the ATF he lost. San Diego attorney Scott McMillan then appealed – and not only did he lose, but the judges laughed at him and one judge told him his case is just silly.” See the video clip for yourself here.
Scott McMillan , La Mesa attorney, was also in federal court on fraud allegations. The judge refused to dismiss the fraud allegations against Scott McMillan and his former associate, San Diego attorney Michelle Volk. See press release.
Also in 2017, Scott McMillan conceded to a motion spelling out he lied to the federal court when he filed a lawsuit. Scott McMillan was unable to oppose the facts of the motion (see motion here ) and the court will decide on what sanctions are appropriate in 2019. Why 2019? Scott McMillan lost the case he truly thought he was going to win to remove material about allegations of child molestation and exposing dozens of cases he lost when he proclaims to be a leading San Diego attorney. The lawsuit was stunning defeat for Scott McMillan where he asked the court to order search engines to remove material from the internet. See court order dismissing case here.
Scott McMillan is also the Dean of his very on law school, McMillan Academy of Law. In over a decade of existence the law school has not had a single graduate. Scott McMillan had to forewarn applicants on the law school website: “We have had one student take the First Year Law Students’ Examination and that student passed. This is the basis for the 100% pass rate thus far. As of yet, no students have graduated from the Academy.”
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When hiring an attorney be sure to check the credentials of the attorney to make sure he/she does not have a vexatious past in the court, has not been defeated in major cases, not been laughed at, nor has any child molestation allegations against him.
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