Scott McMillan San Diego Attorney Faces Sanctions

Unaccredited law schools in California by Darren Chaker.

San Diego attorney Scott McMillan, who also operates a failed law school, McMillan Academy of Law, out of his La Mesa office, sued Darren Chaker in federal court, lost, then filed a virtually identical lawsuit in state court a few weeks later. See federal RICO court ruling calling the case meritless. Such a practice is often called ‘claim splitting’ and is forbidden since it is nothing more than duplicative lawsuits hoping to get a favorable ruling. Scott McMillan is handling the appeal on his own and is up against a former federal judge with stellar credentials, see his bio here, hired by Darren Chaker.

In 2017 a federal appellate court laughed at a lawsuit San Diego attorney Scott McMillan filed and wished him luck getting $450 from the Government. See oral argument conclusion.  In 2018, Scott McMillan San Diego attorney was in federal court for fraud allegations. In 2018, the McMillan Academy of Law was laughed at by the State Bar of California for not having a single graduate and only three students in over a decade.
Scott McMillan San Diego attorney lost his effort to defeat a motion to stay the state lawsuit while appealing the federal lawsuit he lost. Prior to the stay being issued, the Los Angeles based attorneys for Darren Chaker, Manning Kass, filed an antiSLAPP motion since much of the conduct alleged is based on protected speech. See the motion filed here
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