Police Misconduct- Darren Chaker

Chaker v. Croganhas been cited hundreds of times and continues to be written about extensively. Some great publications about viewpoint discrimination are:

* Smolla & Nimmer on Freedom of Speech s 10:22.50, Brandenburg v. Ohio: Intent and imminence standard–Bond and Watts decisions–“True threats” (2010)
* Police Misconduct: Law and Litigation s 2:28, Denial of First Amendment rights (2009)
* Smolla & Nimmer on Freedom of Speech s 3:11, Viewpoint discrimination–Cross-burning reprised: Commonwealth of Virginia v. Black–Heavy presumption against viewpoint discrimination (2010)
In Cuadra v. City ofSouth San Francisco, 2010 WL 55875, *1+ (N.D.Cal. Jan 04, 2010), plaintiff was arrested under the law Darren Chaker invalidated. Cuadra subsequently sued and the case settled after the federal court refused to dismiss the case.
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